Once upon a time… 1,500 years ago on an island far, far away there lived a colony of Polynesians. With a hand-crafted canoe and only the stars as their guide, they sailed over 2,000 miles to take their first steps onto the island of Hawaii. Over time, legends of the gods and demi-gods formed this unique Hawaiian culture and with it came the creation of poke, one of Hawaii’s favorite pupu, or snack. What began as simply diced reef fish and seaweed centuries ago has now expanded to encompass the energy and creativity of Hawaiian life in poke.

As Hawaiians adapted and learned how to catch the fish that swam beyond the reef, poke developed over the years. Straying from common reef fish, poke began to include popular bait such as ahi and salmon. So just as the native Hawaiians rolled with the ever-changing waves, Wikiwiki brings the comfort of Hawaiian traditional foods to Brooklyn, NY with a fresh twist beyond the reef.